What are Stuart's SMS and Email notification options?

:email: Email notifications:
We can send a standard email notification to a specified email address with the tracking link.
More information in this article: ✉ Automatically sending tracking link via email

:speech_balloon: SMS notifications:
We can send an SMS notification to either pickup or dropoff contact phone number for the following events:

  • Job scheduled
    Default example: "Your order is scheduled for delivery on {{do_scheduled_time}}. Follow it live here: {{tracking_link}}"

  • Job accepted
    Default example: "{{courier_name}}, your Stuart courier is on their way to pick up your order. Follow your delivery live {{tracking_link}}"

  • Near pickup
    Example: "{{courier_name}} is near the pickup location"

  • Delivering
    Default example: "{{courier_name}} is on their way to deliver your order. Estimated time of arrival : {{eta_dropoff}} min"

  • Near dropoff
    Example: "{{courier_name}} will arrive in 2 minutes. Please be ready to receive your order."

  • Job finished
    Example: "Your order {{client_reference}} is finished."

  • Delivered
    Default example: "{{courier_name}} just delivered your order."

  • Unreachable end-customer
    Example: Your delivery has arrived. The courier has tried calling you and will wait for 5 minutes with your order.

We can customise the message sent to include values such as:

For the job scheduled event:

  • Pickup scheduled time
  • Dropoff scheduled time
  • Tracking link
  • Client reference

For the other events:

  • Dropoff ETA
  • Pickup ETA
  • Courier name
  • Tracking link
  • Client reference
  • Company name
  • Contact first name

To set up these notifications please contact your Stuart point of contact such as your account manager.

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