Woocommerce configuration

I am struggling to understand how stuart works with woocommerce so that I can put the proper settings in place. I’m running it on a multivendor website and so far, the plugin is running okay. I can’t seem to wrap my head around what settings to have in place delivery fee and payment type sections. I also need to understand how the quotes are generated and who receives them (the main store/ the product vendor).

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Hello @timbuzgil

Unfortunately, we don’t have any Stuart’s official CMS plugin and we have no visibility on our side of how it works but we are happy to clarify how we operate.

We do have a delivery fee. The Stuart delivery fee is calculated according to both transport type and delivery distance, related Stuart Help Centre post here .

For integrators we have a request job pricing endpoint where you can find the expected price of a delivery before creating a job.

Once the job is created it will be carried out based on the time it was scheduled for. You will receive a response confirming the proper generation of the job, normally connected to the Point of Sales operator.
Moreover, you can read here the options that we give for notifying our jobs’ statuses to the end-customer.

We will be happy to clarify any further concern.


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Thanks @Marta… will go through these and circle back to you with any questions