Stuart XL pricing & transport type

Hello, I would like to know how do you calculate the price for a delivery.

When you create a job you can actually get a response with the price, however people told me this price is not correct.

First, there is no way to set a Truck as transport type, the maximum is Van, why ?
And how can I get the full price delivery ?

Thanks for your help

Hello @Guilhem,

We calculate pricing based on the distance of the job, the city and the transport type / package size. Therefore if you use the same payload in our request job pricing endpoint with the same payload as you’d use for the create a job endpoint, then you can expect the price of the job to be the same.

‘Truck’ is not a transport type for Stuart, so Van is probably the equivalent size vehicle you are requiring in this case. Note that you only need to define the transport type in France, for other countries you can use the ‘package_type’ instead.

But what about Stuart XL ? There is no truck for this ? Only van ?

Hi @Guilhem,

Ah yes, for StuartXL we do indeed have the transport type ‘truck’ and the pricing is currently separate to the pricing endpoint I mentioned previously. Do you already have a point of contact within Stuart regarding your account, perhaps we can take this discussion into an email thread to align on your particular set up?

If you aren’t already in touch with our StuartXL team, you can reach out to for support and guidance.

I see…

Could you just send me the pricing please ?
Why is it so much complicate to get this, last time we already tried to ask for it by email and we only got price for bike


Hello @Guilhem,

We do have a separate pricing for Stuart XL (all deliveries with truck).
The prices are client specific and built on a case by base basis.

They are usually based on various criteria including distance, weight or dimensions of the items, type of service (front-door delivery, delivery in the room etc.) and the number of people needed (1 or 2).

As of now, this is not something which is integrated in the Stuart API.

Happy to continue the conversation by mail to


So you are telling me that I am not supposed to put any Transport Type in the API ?
I have to calculate all the price by myself ?

Hi @Guilhem,

By contacting the email above,, you can discuss pricing so that you can gain a mapping for calculating these values. We will also be able to confirm the transport type to use through the API through these discussions.