One global Stuart account or one Stuart account per pickup place?

Pros and cons of having one global account versus one account per store.

High level view
We do offer customisation capabilities on account level but do not have yet the concept of “Master Account”. So to benefit from them you might want to manage the accounts on your side.

Keep in mind that the we do invoice the Stuart account. In addition, we invite you to consider the list of our account level customisation capabilities to help you choose between the two different approaches (global or local).

About this Master Account yo mention, when will you approximately expect to have it ongoing?

Hello @JorgeSuarez,

Unfortunately we do not currently have a timeline for when we can expect to have Master Account functionality, so we can assume for now it won’t be in the near future.

Gotcha, Lauren. Thanks anyway!

It is a wonderful idea, though. I suggest you to pin it!

We appreciate your feedback @JorgeSuarez,

Our Product team handle new features are aware of this Master account need, we will be sure to keep the community posted here on any developments.

Is the master account not done yet?

Hello @hyorachi,

This feature is in our Product roadmaps for this year. We will announce any such new features once they are available.