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We are planning to use Stuart to fulfill restaurant deliveries from our application. It looks like it is only possible for our platform to be charged for the jobs that we create, requiring us the bill the customer at a later date. The rest of our fees are fixed but Stuart is pay-per-use, so this complicates the billing process. Are there any plans to allow billing the consumer of the product directly to avoid this? Eg our customers could signup with Stuart, enter their billing details, and allow us to bill jobs to their account?


Hello @goodtilldev,

We currently have two options available for account management. The first would be to have one account where all jobs are created, as you describe, in this case you would need to handle billing of your clients.

The second option is to have one account per restaurant where Stuart would bill each restaurant account directly. This second option would also enable each restaurant to have access to our Stuart dashboard to track their orders. The draw backs of this second option are that each account has it’s own API credentials and we don’t currently provide any master account / single sign on capabilities. This is something that is in our roadmap to be developer in the future.

Hopefully this answers your question, let us know if you have any further questions.

Hi Lauren,

Many thanks for getting back to me. The second option sounds ideal for us.


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i try to integrate my stuart account to goodeats(my till software for delivery orders) do i need to fill billing details in stuart?

if yes, in credit cars section i am writing my card details but it doesn’t accept…also billing address details i can not save the details without filling Vat number… i m not registered vat yet, its anew business.

could u pls help me

Hello @munchiescraft

You’ll need to set up a credit card in order to request our services. Note that only real valid cards will work on the “production” environment.
In sandbox (the testing environment) you can use the following credit card: 4111 1111 1111 1111 CVV: 123: Expiration: 12/25

Regarding the VAT number: It’s mandatory legally speaking to provide it. Without it, we cannot operate.

oh okay,

so i will use these details for billing card… where the payment will go through the?
i mean that how are we paying the delivery fees to you?

For the vat, okay i will be registering soon anyway…

i also have a question for the delivery fees?
how the system work…

how is you prices work for each deliveries?

Thank you

By the way, what the credit card name will be?

If we are speaking about the fake credit card, used in sandbox just for testing purposes, any name will work. No real payment will be processed in this environment.

If it’s the real environment, all the details should be exactly as your physical credit card.

About the prices and other commercial information, please get in touch with our commercial team through our website:

Thank you

Hi @munchiescraft,

For any issues regarding the Goodeats setup, please contact the Goodtill support team:

0203 322 4095

Many thanks,

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