New to Stuart, how to pay for delivery

I am currently trying to integrate stuart in our food delivery platform.
My question is: how does stuart charge for delivery.
We provide the card information along with our account.
Are all delivery payments done from that, or when the pickup time occurs for the delivery,
and we give the package to pickup driver, then the delivery fees is taken by stuart.
How does this work ?

Hello @suzan,

To answer your questions:

  • Indeed, for each job, we charge the bank account associated with the card you provide.
  • The account is charged at the moment you create a job.

I remain available if you have any additional questions.


Another question I have is how to handle the cash on delivery thing, I have a restaurant web app for ordering food, i have a cod option, I want to use stuart as our delivery partner, when food is delivered, how to handle the cash on delivery orders with stuart, is this possible in stuart ?

Hello @suzan,

Please, can you tell us in which country you will be using Stuart?

Thank you in advance.

Mostly in France, Portugal

Please tell me for which countries is the cod facilty available, COD is one of very important feature for our platform.

Please reply sir, this is really important for us.

Hello @suzan,

I am reviewing the process for cash on delivery for both countries.
I will get back to you next week with the information.

Thank you for your understanding.

we have multiple restaurants at multiple european countries, is this feature country wise, I see nothing mentioned about this in the documentation.

Hello Suzan,

I hope your week’s off to a great start.

Yes, due to operational reasons, this feature is currently available exclusively for a select group of clients in Poland.

Moreover, activating this feature requires assistance from our dedicated team, it’s activated on an account level and its use must be agreed before its activation.

Please note this feature relates to the “payment_to_collect” object found within “dropoffs[n].delivery_options” in the job creation request payload. For more details on its implementation, you can refer to the aforementioned section in our API documentation.

I also recommend reaching out to our Sales team for any operational or commercial inquiries you may have as you integrate your platform with ours. You can do this by clicking the ‘get in touch with sales’ button located at the bottom of our homepage.

Should you have any technical questions during the development process, please remember that we’re here to support you through this channel.