This client can't use the payment at dropoff feature

Hi Stuart team,
I am currently developing our service for intergrating with Stuart, when I use feature payment to collect
“delivery_options”: {
“payment_to_collect”: {
“amount”: 29.93,
“type”: “card”
I got the response message:
“error”: “RECORD_INVALID”,
“message”: “Unable to save record”,
“data”: {
“packages.restrictions.payment_at_dropoff”: [
“This client can’t use the payment at dropoff feature”
Can you explain How can I do to have this feature?
Thank you

hello @manh.hoangduc

Thank you for reaching out to us via the community forum.

I am reviewing this topic internally and will get back to you as soon as possible.


Thank you for your patience. This feature is primarily available in Poland.

Activating this feature requires additional assistance from our dedicated team at the account level.

If you have any commercial questions related to that, please feel free to reach out to our Sales team by visiting the homepage and clicking the “Get in Touch” button.

If you have any technical questions during the development process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through this channel for support.


Hi @Magdalena ,
The “payment at dropoff” feature of Stuart, do you support this feature in other countries rather than Poland (eg. India, Sri Lanka, UAE, etc.)?
Could you help us to check the feasibility of having a test account in Poland and enable this feature for testing purposes only?
Thank you!


This feature is only supported in Poland. Please take into consideration that Stuart operates in the following countries: Poland, France, the UK, and Italy. We do not operate in Asia.

Can you confirm that you will be generating orders in Poland?

Hi @Magdalena ,
You asked: Can you confirm that you will be generating orders in Poland?
Answer: I would say, currently we have already had some partners in Poland, France, the UK, and Italy. They are going to operate their business on those countries.
Again, It is perfect if we have a testing account for payment at dropoff feature.
Thank you!

hello @manh.hoangduc

I have moved the conversation to a private message.


Hi @Magdalena , Sure! thank you for your support!