Delivery not accepted by Stuart API

Good afternoon,

We had a problem with an order that was tried to send by Stuart on 06/15 (last Saturday). As we see in our ecommerce Logs, the Stuart API was called and the authentication was performed correctly. The shipping address was validated correctly, although the Job object was not created correctly. Your API returned the following error “RECORD_INVALID - Unable to know record”. We can not know anything else about the error, could you tell us more details? The order has the customer reference code “ET-HBSQHR” and this error occurred on 06/15 at approximately 22pm (GMT +1). If you need more data, ask us for them and I look for them.


Hello @NicolasGiacconi,

I can see the job request with this client reference that was sent at ‘June 15th 2019, 22:08:18.208’.
When I attempt to recreate a job with the same payload I get the following error:

"error": "RECORD_INVALID",
"message": "Unable to save record",
"data": {
    "deliveries": [
        "is invalid",
        "Destination place: Contact phone: \"+34\" is an invalid number",
        "Destination place: is invalid"

The phone number in the ‘dropoffs[0].phone’ is ‘0’ which is an invalid phone number. If there is no phone number you should not add any value in this field as the invalid value ‘0’ is causing the job request to fail.

Ok, fixed! Thanks for your help @Lauren !