Packages.restrictions.instant_pickup_time”:[“is not valid”]

Hi Team,

I’m currently developing my website using the Stuart API… there is an error getting from the API when I try and book a product for an immediate job…

{“error”:“RECORD_INVALID”,“message”:“Unable to save record”,“data”:{“packages.restrictions.instant_pickup_time”:[“is not valid”]}}


Hello, thanks for looking at Stuart for your website!

The “pickup_time” errors you see will be due to ordering a job for outside the time window of when our delivery times open and close in our Sandbox just as they would in Production (so you couldn’t place an order for 3am for instance). During the normal day in the UK right now for example, you would be able to order an instant pickup successfully in London and not see this error.

As you sent this message very early in the morning European time, I imagine you were testing outside of these hours. You could also place a scheduled order (using the “pickup_at” field) for later in the day if you need to test during the early morning.

Hope that helps, let us know if you have any further questions on this.