Error: RECORD_INVALID Message: Unable to save record

I was trying to request a delivery pricing using this end point: /v2/jobs/pricing

This is the response I was getting:

Message: Unable to save record

It happend at 04/03/2021 00:52 start Paris time

Can someone help me? I can send the pickup and drop off address to the devs.

Hello @ericcabigting,

There are multiple reasons why this error may appear. Usually addresses not accurate enough, or that the phone number was not provided.

You can send private details to in direct message.

Thank you,

Thank you for the reply @Sergi , the issue was resolved now without any code change. Is there anything we can do to check/investigate further to prevent this from happening?

EDIT: On the same point, the same exact address for pickup and drop off that we are using are now working without any code change.

It could be possible that you tried to create a delivery on a Zone that was, at that time, closed.

Thank you for the reply @Sergi , just today I got this error "{\"error\":\"RECORD_INVALID\",\"message\":\"Unable to save record\",\"data\":{\"job.pickup_at\":[\"can not schedule a pickup at this time\",\"is not valid\"]}}"

When trying to validate a job.

Hello @ericcabigting ,

Thank you for the details of the error you get, yes this makes sense, so this error is to do with operating hours. Each zone is configured to have a certain opening and closing time and if a pickup time is requested to be outside of those hours (let’s say 3am), the request will fail. Currently these hours are 7am - midnight local time as a general rule.

This is also true for the validate endpoints. So in order to validate requests or get a pricing, you’d need to specify a pickup time that is within the opening hours range for that zone. If you’d like to double check a specific zone’s opening hours I’d be happy to verify that for you - is this in our Sandbox or our Production environment by the way?

Many Thanks,

Thank you @James will try again after a while :slight_smile: