Job scheduling pick up time

In create job api, I was having error with some random pick_up time like 2021-05-12T01:32:52.738 resolved in an error response
“error”: “RECORD_INVALID”,
“message”: “Unable to save record”,
“data”: {
“job.pickup_at”: [
“can not schedule a pickup at this time”,
“is not valid”

It was not defined in main job creation error document

Based on this similar question, I need to schedule a job

In order to schedule a job, I have to get the available slots

In order to get the available slots, I need to provide zone

How can I check what zone an address belong to?

Hello @ectn26 ,

The common job creation errors can be found here in our API Documentation, including ‘RECORD_INVALID’.

There are multiple reasons why this error may appear but usually appears when addresses are not accurate enough and the phone number was not provided. Can it be your case? Otherwise you can share with us further information by private message.

On the other hand, you can find here the list of open zones depending on the city where the job is scheduled.


Hi @Marta, in short, I need to get available scheduling slots for user to select when they order, knowing their location. => I need to get a zone that cover that location

Get the city of the location and find same name in the zone list is work-able but not a robust solution.

Can we have

  • API to get coverage zone(s) by an address, or return zone instead of just ‘ok’ when checking address
  • or even better, API to get scheduling slots by an address (like this api but address instead of zone)

Hey @ectn26 ,

Your proposals seem very interesting to us as we are always open to improve our offer ! We will take a close look. Thank you for your comments.

However, our clients normally operate in few cities and they can, either validate the job parameters (by the whole job validation or the address validation) to be sure that they only request a delivery within our valid operational hours or they get the scheduling slots validation of the zone where the pickup address is located (per point of sales).

Let us know if we can help you further with your needs.


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