How to schedule a job?

Scheduled Job

When you Create a Job you can schedule when you want the driver to arrive at the pickup location. You can do it by using pickup_at parameter in your job creation request. Values have to follow the datetime format described in the How should I format dates? topic.

The pickup_at must be a valid datetime between the current time and 30 days into the future for corporate clients and 6 days for regular clients*. It must also fall within our available scheduling at pickup slots.

* By default, jobs will only be able to be scheduled up to 6 days in advance if you pay per order from your stuart account. In order to increase the number of days allowed, please contact a relevant account manager to discuss your requirements. Corporate accounts are billed on a monthly basis.

Instant Job

If the pickup_at parameter isn’t specified in the job creation, the job will be an Instant Job: looking for a driver a soon as it is created.