ETA Requests - pickup_at

If I send an ETA request /v2/jobs/eta with pickup_at set to 30 mins in the future, and receive an ETA back from Stuart of 40 mins; does this mean that a subsequent job request would likely be picked up in 40 mins or 70 mins (i.e. pickup_at + eta)?

Hi @paull

Our Get a job ETA endpoint allows you to get an estimated time of arrival to the pickup address for a given job, meaning that if you request an instant job (without “pickup_at”), it will tell you the amount of minutes (40 minutes, in your example) that is going to take to the driver to arrive to the given pick up address. If you schedule a job in the future, it will tell you how much the driver is going to take to arrive to the origin from the scheduled time.

Using that endpoint you can then determine when to order a Stuart delivery or when to start preparing a scheduled order.

You can check here the ETA endpoint’s different use cases.


Thanks Marta, if I’m understanding you correctly, this means that in my example where I specified a pickup_at time 30 mins in the future and received back an ETA of 40 mins, I should expect a driver to arrive at the pickup address 40 mins after the pickup_at time I included in my request? Is that correct?

That is correct.

I also encourage you to check this post with all the tips to manage time as accurate as possible to minimise the waiting time using the client time windows.

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