Clarification on ETA

In the Job ETA api we can send “pickupAt” which is an optional field. Then in response it sends us an ETA. When calling the job ETA api regardless of providing “pickupAt”, I am getting a similar value. for example.
1.I have set pickup time to be 6 hours from callling the api nad ETA = 901

2.I have set pickup time to be 15 minutes from callling the api nad ETA = 877

Now, my question is what is this ETA against? Is it against the current time or expected pickup time? Means that if I should add this ETA with the current time or the expected pickup time I provided?

Your prompt response is greatly appreciated.

Hello Shammo,

Thanks for reaching out with your query.

Our ‘Job ETA to Pickup’ endpoint does accept the same request body as the ‘Job Creation’ endpoint. However, not every field is required or used for ETA calculations.

Specifically for the ‘pickup_at’ field, while useful for job creation, it is not used in the ETA calculation, because the ‘Job ETA to Pickup’ endpoint is designed to be used for instant orders or scheduled orders up to 15 minutes into the future.

You can find more information related to this endpoint, such as implementation tips and example usage in our developers portal.

I hope you find this information helpful but let me know if you have additional questions on this topic.