How do i get the estimated time for the delivery to the customer (dropoff) from pickup location?

I want to show the customer the estimated time every some minute that it is going to take X estimation time for your package to arrive.

Hi @suzan,

This can be done in multiple ways.

We provide a tracking link in our ‘job creation’ API response which can be used to display to your customers. This will additionally provide a live tracking map, courier position and ETA.
The tracking link can also be found in the following V3 webhooks;
‘package_created’, ‘courier_assigned’, ‘courier_waiting’, ‘package_delivering’ & package_delivered.

Further to this, you can also use our eta to dropoff endpoint

Alternatively, you can use our ‘get a job’ API endpoint to retrieve your ETA to dropoff.

so in get a job endpoint, the eta is in seconds, right, as long as the delivery is still ongoing and not completed(delivered) ?

Hi @suzan

In the “get a job” endpoint the ETA is displayed in the response in a date/time + timezone format MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS, you can find the example in the link provided above.

However, in our ETA endpoints for both pickup & dropoff, this is represented in seconds from the API response.