ETA without dropoff address

Hi I can see here in the best practices guide
That to request an ETA:

Note that only the pick-up address and package size or transport type are required in order to request this ETA.

In my php client I am not able to achieve this:

$job = new \Stuart\Job();
$job->addPickup('46 Boulevard Barbès, 75018 Paris');
$eta = $client->getEta($job);

This is because the addPickup array doesn’t accept setPackageType()

In our flow we would like to see if drivers are available before making the customer add xyz to their baskets.

Is this possible? If so how?


Hello @asn,

To obtain this ETA, you need to provide a dropoff address, whether you are using our API endpoint or the PHP getEta function.
However, since this ETA reflects the estimated time of arrival of the driver at the pickup location, if you don’t yet know the end-customer’s address, you may use a generic dropoff address when requesting this ETA.

Note: In order for this to work, you need to provide a dropoff address that falls within the same zone as the pickup address.