Question about Job Pricing


Right now, in our platform, we’re trying to build a feature where we need a carrier’s estimated delivery ETA for a given shipment when we send a request to the v2/jobs/pricing endpoint. However, that endpoint only returns the job’s amount and currency.

With that in mind, what’s the appropriate ETA for deliveries on your end? We don’t want to guess numbers here, so knowing it from your side is strictly important for us.

Looking forward to your response. Thanks!


Hello @ian.salazar

We have an endpoint that will return the estimated ETA from job creation to pickup and another one from pickup to drop off.

Hope this helps!

Hi @ian.salazar I just realised I made a mistake in my answer, the second endpoint I sent you is from creation to drop off. Apologies for the confusion!

Got it. Thanks, @d.hediger !

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