Pricing and ETA difference with actual job creation


When I create a job in the middle of the night (let’s say 3am), I receive a « Cannot schedule pickup at this time. » message. However, the pricing and ETA APIs send 7,50€ and 90 sec respectively, so I have no way to know in advance that the delivery will not be valid.

Do I have to manually restrict the hours I send job? Or is there another API I missed?


We actually have two different kind of jobs: Instant Jobs and Scheduled Jobs.

By default the job is an Instant Job (finding a driver asap) and can technically be created at anytime.

Scheduled Jobs cannot be created outside of the scheduling slots.
To schedule a job you just need to pass a datetime either in the pickup_at or dropoff_at parameter.

  • pickup_at: the date-time you want a driver to be at the pickup location.
  • dropoff_at: the date-time you want a driver to be at the dropoff location.
    Notice that you CANNOT pass both parameters but only one or the other.

To be sure the Job will be valid before creating it, we recommend you to use our Validate Job parameters. The endpoint will also validate that the addresses (pickup and dropoff) are inside the Stuart zones (respectively picking and delivering).