Update the time to pickup when the order is ready

Hi guys, have you a way to update the pickup time or something to let know the rider the order is ready for pickup.

To explain more our case:
We request a rider when the order is created to be picked up at a determined time, depending on the restaurant but it’s. +25 min generally.
The thing is that some restaurants prepare the order quickly and they mark that order as “ready of pickup”. Currently, we are waiting for the rider, but I wondering if there is an endpoint or something to tell the rider (we save the job id) that the order is ready to pick up so they don’t have to wait.


Hello @rsuarez,

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a way to re-schedule an existing Stuart job, nor do we have a way to digest an ‘order ready’ signal from you. To re-schedule a job you’ll need to cancel the original and re-create a new one.

Hence, we recommend factoring preparation time into the ordering flow where possible. For example, if you have knowledge of average preparation times per store, this could be factored into the scheduling of the order. If this is not the case, maybe the person preparing the order could trigger an instant job to be created in store once the order is ~10 minutes (or average pickup eta) from being ready for pickup.

For more details on how preparation times might be factored into your order scheduling, we recommend reading our Order Scheduling tips.