New feature - Order ready signal

:new: What’s new?

We’re excited to introduce a new endpoint, order ready signal, designed to streamline how you inform us when an order is ready for pickup.

:bulb: How does it work?

The new endpoint allows you to indicate when an order is ready for pickup by either including the ready time directly in your API request payload or by making a simple request, in which case our system will default to using the server’s time.

For a more detailed explanation, including example payloads and responses, please refer to our API Documentation.

:sparkles: What’s the impact?

You now have the capability to send an ‘order ready’ notification. This will enable us to reduce potential issues that could arise during the pick-up process.

For example, our Customer Support will be able to address courier requests when the order isn’t ready without contacting your store.

We encourage you to start using this endpoint, as it will significantly improve the issue of ‘couriers waiting at pickup’ and reduce the end-to-end time.

:date: When will this change take place?

The new endpoint will be live starting from Today :rocket:.

:eyes: What’s next?

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