More Webhooks on one account

Is there a way to add more than 6 webhooks into one account API. I’m starting a delivery service and I need more than 6 webhooks if possible please. Can anyone help??


I hope you all the success in your latest endeavour and we are happy you have chosen to partner with Stuart.

Using the same webhook URL, each store under the same Stuart account will still be able to track their individual orders using webhooks, as the webhook url will be able to provide all updates for each account.

The reason we have the ability to have multiple webhooks urls (6 total) is in case you would require a different url to separate each of the webhook events for instance separating critical delivery updates from less critical ones, such as driver location updates.

Our suggestion would be to explore using the singular webhook url for an account and internally routing to that URL for updates on your stores. The payload for the delivery create webhook will take in a unique ID specific for an order, so the tracking should still be unique in nature.

Please let us know if you have any further questions & we will be happy to assist.

Kind regards,

Thanks Daniel. I am using software that isn’t mine but I’ll feedback the singe web hook idea, It’d really make my life much easier!!
What I don’t want to do is create and account for each restaurant I have.
Can I perhaps use 1 account for 6 restaurants? Would that be feasible until we can sort out the single webhook solution?
I don’t want to create problems with an order if I’ll be having 6 separate collection addresses which will each be fed through a web hook and then the delivery address too.
Hope that makes sense.
Will could there be a mix up if having 6 different businesses on the same account using the webhooks. e.g. wrong delivery address or collection address. E.g. 2 messages coming through at the same time. but via different webhooks?


Our recommendation is to use one Stuart account per store. You can find more information on this topic here - Account Creation Options.

In relation to using multiple web-hooks, There wouldn’t be a mixup between orders as each web-hook received would specific a unique order ID for the job, so even if you received multiple web-hooks at once for different stores for example, you’ll be able to easily identify which web-hook is for which store by the order ID sent with each web-hook.

Hey Daniel, I’m still having a nightmare with your system. Now I have proceeded to create an account for each restaurant but now, since I’m using the same card as payment card, I’m now getting a message that my card detail are invalid. Is there a limit on the number of accounts a bank card can be associated with? I don’t understand how my card was being accepted and now, it’s not. I’ve even tried a different card and still no luck. Tried it on the app, got a payment gateway error. My bank says it’s not them so I’m not sure what’s going on. I really need to sort this ASAP. Our service is starting soon. Please help lol.
BTW I also created more accounts and tried to add the card details with no luck. Same invalid message.

Sorry to hear you are having difficulties still, we will do our best to help you work through them.

We don’t have a credit card limit on our end but our payment gateway could’ve possibly seen your multiple entries in quick succession as suspicious and put a temporary hold on your CC details.

Are you able to provide the client ID of a few accounts where the CC was not able to be added and we can check our logs for you.

Can you please send me this via direct message to secure your details.