Order tracking Best Practice

As an End-customer

  • Stuart options: We have many options to send our tracking link to your end customer, at different points in the order journey, with custom messages, by SMS or email. Read more at SMS and Email notification options.

  • Custom options: The tracking link is also available through our API in the job creation response (in the deliveries[].tracking_url attribute) or webhook updates, you are free to send or display this to your end customer in any way that you see fit.

    • You can create a totally custom tracking experience by not using our tracking link at all, receiving all of the updates you need through our webhooks.

    • Alternatively, our tracking link can be embedded directly into your site using an iFrame, find out how here.

As a Store / Support Operative

  • Stuart options: Our dashboard can be used to track orders on your account and also has a chat to provide a communication channel to our support team.

  • Custom options: You may also want to create your own custom tracking facilities, in this case you can get all of the details you need in real time through our webhooks where you can receive status, eta and driver updates.

Internal System Tracking

To track your orders into your system we recommend: