"Manually_stacked", what happened to my order?

Upon agreement between your teams and your account manager, the Stuart support team may cancel two or more existing scheduled or in_progress jobs, and create a new one in order to stack these orders together. This means that the driver picks up and delivers all of these packages in one journey, namely “manual stacking”.
We identify this action through a webhook update where the original Job is cancelled with the “cancellation.reasonKey”:“manually_stacked”.

A new job, with a different Job ID and different Deliveries IDs will be generated. You will receive a Job created webhook.

As a consequence, if you decided to track your deliveries using previous job ID and delivery IDs then you are going to lose track of real-time updates on your deliveries.

In order to avoid losing track of these deliveries, you will have to

  1. specify a client_reference for each dropoff during job creation
  2. Look for the client_reference in the deliveries array of the newly created Job ID.