Understanding jobs and deliveries web hooks


First of all thank you very much for all your API documentation and support, it’s amazing.

I’m Alberto from @CoverManager, I’m integrating your service for our food delivery product.

I would like to understand a bit more about the concept of jobs and deliveries, and I have several questions.

When I create a job I am directly associated with a delivery without an associated driver, right?

If this is the case I have several questions,

When I create a job I already receive the response from the job and delivery information, I don’t need to be aware of the web hooks that create both, right?

When a driver is associated with my deliveries, would I be sent a notification to my delivery web_hook or job update web_hook, or both?

If I change the delivery address (dropoff), would a new delivery be created, with a different identifier than the previous one?

Hello @albertovaro95,

Thank you for the positive feedback, we really appreciate it!

The main difference between a job and delivery in terms of webhook updates is the statuses provided. The delivery statuses as more granular than the job statuses,we generally advice therefore that you listen to only the delivery webhook updates (rather than both job and delivery).
When a driver is assigned the delivery status will change to ‘picking’ and the job status to ‘in_progress’, so yes this assignment is reflected on both levels.

To change a dropoff address you would need to cancel the job and recreate it with the new address. Since the original job would be cancelled you can reuse the ‘client_reference’ for the new job, and this is the identifier that you should use to track your deliveries.

Don’t hesitate if anything is still not clear or you have any further questions.

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Okay @Lauren, got it, thanks!

One more question,

We, in our integration, the driver will always have a single pickup and a single dropoff, so each job will only have one delivery.

can there be any situation in which the delivery of an associated job changes?

(I mean that it has a new delivery with a different identifier)

Hi @albertovaro95,

Manual stacking is the only case where the job and delivery ID can change on our side after you create the order. Our support team may want to stack your orders to optimise delivery, if this happens then the change in IDs shouldn’t impact you as long as you track your orders by the associated ‘dropoffs[0].client_reference’.


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