Clarification on "dropoff location => delivery updated" mapping

Hi, I’d be interested to know whether the “Delivery Updated” events are unique per dropoff location? For example, the id and the client_reference ought to be different for each location if we provide 3 dropoffs in the createJob request, even if all of these have the same address.

Many thanks.


Delivery updated events are indeed sent per dropoff location (at delivery level). Providing you specified three dropoffs in the Create a Job request it will create one Job with three different deliveries. Each delivery having a dedicated id, client_reference and tracking_url even if they have the same address.


Thank you for confirming this.

Further to multi-drop, can you please confirm how often the following job events get emitted if we have, say, 3 deliveries / dropoff locations?

finished, canceled, voided, expired

I am assuming these will only get called once per job in the Job Update event realm?

Lastly, any plans on fixing the typo (canceled => cancelled)?

Hi @slavo,

There are actually two different levels of information:

  1. the Job level
  2. the Delivery level

You will receive webhooks events as soon as the corresponding entity (Job or Delivery) is changing on our side.
If a job with 3 deliveries is canceled / voided / expired you will receive one job update event with the status canceled and one delivery updated event with status cancelled for each of the three deliveries.

A Job is finished when it does not have any more delivery to deliver. Between the deliveries the job status is not finished but in_progress.

In a multi-drop scenario, we recommend you to rely on the Delivery updated events

Lastly we don’t plan to fix the typo as it allows to differentiate between the canceled job and the cancelled delivery.

Ok, thanks for clarification on the above.

One more question: when I receive a Delivery Updated event and the status is pending, is it guaranteed that a driver has been assigned to that delivery, or is it only when I receive the picking status?

Secondly, is it guaranteed that there will be one driver per multi-delivery job? Therefore is it guaranteed that I will only receive one Job Updated event with status accepted (as well as in_progress)?

Many thanks for your assistance.

Delivery Updated event with a picking status tells you that a driver had accepted the job and that the driver is now en route to pick up the package. When pending, the job might be scheduled or searching for a driver.

Secondly, creating a job with multi dropoff points will ensure that all the deliveries belongs to one and only one job. So yes you will receive one Job Updated event with the different job status during its lifecycle.

No problem, feel free to ask all the technical questions you might have, this forum was made for that!

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Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: