Multi pickup - multi dropoff deliveries

Hi there,

I was wondering if you had in mind supporting “multi pickup - single dropoff” deliveries, or a more generic solution like “multi pickup - multi dropoff” deliveries.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @foobar

As of today we don’t have a multi-pickup feature available. We are always working on updating our products, if it becomes available in the future it will be announced in this forum.

You can however use one pickup address with mulitple dropoff addresses. Pleaes find an example here:

job: {
  pickups: [
    { address: "LocationA", comment: "Comment about all the package picked at LocationA", contact: "Main Contact" },
  dropoffs: [
    { address: "LocationB", client_reference: "P1", comment: "Contains Hot Food", contact: "Ashley" },
    { address: "LocationB", client_reference: "P2", comment: "Do Not Rotate", contact: "Bob" },
    { address: "LocationC", client_reference: "P3", comment: "Fragile", contact: "Jessica" }