Multiple origins are not allowed

Hi, two questions:
1. Is it really not possible to have 2 (or more) different pickup points (In our case if a customer orders from 2 different restaurants we will have 2 separate orders and if the restaurants are close it would make sense to have the same driver deliver them)?
2. Even when I’m using only one restaurant (origin) but with different delivery addresses, I’m still getting this error (Multiple origins are not allowed). Is the job format incorrect?

Please see screenshots below:

Same origin:
Job for same origin:

Thank you!

Hello @ioana,

Today we don’t have a multi-pickups feature.

  1. Pickups is indeed already an array but only in preparation of this feature which is not planed yet. We are currently only handling job with a single pickup and single / multi-dropoffs.
  2. When using only one origin you have to specify a single pickup and multiple dropoffs.

We would be able to discuss it further on our tech call tomorrow.

Sure, thank you for your answer @Lauren