I wanna ask if there any way to prevent manually_stacked cancellation to happen. I don’t the behavior of the manually_stacked. I wanna separate deliveries as I created. is that possible?

Hello Hammam,

The manually_stalked cancelation happens when the Stuart support team cancels two or more existing scheduled or in_progress jobs to deliver them in one journey. You can find more about it here.

These kind of actions are very client-specific and shouldn’t occur if not desired.
Please do not hesitate to contact us in case it happened to you in an unexpected way.

Is the deliveries would be created with the same client reference as the closed one or It will be changed?
another question
is there is any field in the new created job relate to the cancelled jobs? in another meaning how can i relate the cancelled jobs with the created one?

The new manually_stacked delivery has a different Job ID. However, if you want to learn further about the track of these deliveries, click in the previously mentioned post.