Reproducing the cancellation from Stuart

Hello, I have tried to find an answer in FAQ but couldn’t.
The case is, we need to simulate the Cancellation from Stuart side, with any reason, don’t care. How we can do it for our existed jobs? Please more detailly. By receiving the cancellation from Stuart we sending the email to Customers.
thanks a lot

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Hello asken,

You can find all the details for testing scenarios here : 🎁 Testing Scenarios in Sandbox.

This should answer all your questions, if not, do not hesitate to come back to me.
Have a nice day,

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Hello again. As I understand Cancellation works depending on the status. The problem is that such statuses are done too fast and I don’t have time to make a cancellation
here is the wrong info

that says 2 minutes for this status, this doing through too fast
Also if I cancelled the delivery it says

but the status doesn’t change.

I need at least one working Cancellation case to get Cancelled status from Stuart to test our application behaviour

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The scenarios “driver waiting” (at pickup or dropoff) are currently not working, we are investigating to resolve it as soon as possible.

If I understand, your goal is to test the job cancellation ?
To do so, you can select “package cancelled by Stuart” and select the status you want in the list.
You can also create a job with the default scenario (you should see the expected pickup time for each vehicule type), and then cancel the job manually as you tried.

The last way is to test cancellation manually with the cancel a delivery API based on the delivery id.

I hope it will help you solve your issue, if not do not hesitate to ask for further help.

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Hello, my goal is the Cancel that comes from Stuart side, so the Api Docs won’t help, I have tried already.
We have different behavior (An order is canceled on Stuart Side and An order is canceled on LPT side)

So I tried the

also doesn’t work, you can see that the Job still is active on the Sandbox side

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Could you please describe how you are trying to create the job ?
The correct procedure is:

  1. Select the scenario that you want: cancelled by Stuart,
  2. Create the job
  3. Wait until the pickup, the job will be cancelled automatically.

This scenario is working fine, you will receive an update on your webhook if you follow this procedure.
Let me know if it works on your side.

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I need first to choose a Scenario on dashboard sandbox, and after that start the job!
Now it works, thanks a lot!