Stuart sandbox don't pick up

When I add a job to Stuart sandbox, drivers don’t pick up my package. Sometimes driver picks up my package after 1-2 hours, sometimes it stuck in the searching status. Is there any problem with Stuart sandbox?

Hello @e1775,

We are currently looking into any issues with out Sandbox environment related to assignment issues. Could you provide us with the Job Ids that you have experienced these issues with so that we can check these cases specifically?


@Lauren 100024363, 100024364, 100023015 these canceled by system, reason key is job_expired.

Hi @e1775,

Thank you for these examples, it seems we had issues which were ongoing relating to testing that happened in our Sandbox environment this morning. Could you check if everything seems to be working again now for you?

@Lauren still same 100024691, but we didn’t get a canceled webhook this time. I checked tracker URL, it says “Unfortunately, all our couriers are busy right now.”

@e1775 thank you for the update. We seem to be still experiencing an issue with the automated assigning of drivers, we are continuing to look into this now. Your last job expired but I was able to manually assign this to a driver so you should now see it being delivered.

Unless you have an expiration interval set up in your account, it’s normal to not receive a cancelled webhook until the end of our operational hours. In Production this allows us to keep searching for a driver. If you would like to set up an expiration interval so that we only search for a driver for X mins and then cancel the delivery, let us know and we can set that up for you in your account.

@Lauren We put the job (100025017) and not assigned again can you check, please?

Hello @e1775,

This job expired, I have just manually assigned it and it is now picking.

Our development team are still investigating these assignment issues and we will update you when we have confirmation that the issue is resolved.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Hello @e1775,

We experienced improved behaviour in our Sandbox environment yesterday and believe these assignment issues to now be resolved.

Let us know if you continue to experience any issues.

We are getting the same problem, jobs do not assign automatically in the sandbox again. can you check it, please?

Hello @e1775,

We see that some jobs expired and we have reported the issue to our development team so they can investigate further. In the meantime, the more recent jobs seem to be having more success in assigning. We encourage you to continue creating jobs as performance may be better from one period to another.

Hello, can you please assign my job to the driver. It is not working again.

Hi @e1775,

We were able to assign the order and it has now gone through to delivered.

@Lauren 00025983 We ordered on April 17th, 2020, 08:35:27 but the tracker website is saying “Uh-oh! We couldn’t find anyone” and we could not see the job in our sandbox dashboard. We just received a “searching” webhook. It seems still to have a problem.

Hi @e1775,

This order timed out and I have manually relaunched it to assign a driver and the job has now completed. Can you see this order in the dashboard now?

The tracking link for this order is

Hello! I am having the same problem as described here. I’ve been trying to place several orders but they are not being assigned. Can you please help? Thanks.

Hi @dstep,

Thank you for your message. We are currently investigating further this issue which seems to depend on some parameters of the job. It might be worth trying different package sizes or addresses for your tests, this will also help us to better identify which seem to be problematic.

To confirm, this issue resides with our driver simulator and isn’t an issue in Production.

Thanks Lauren, looking forward to the outcome of your investigation. I’ve tried sending some requests for different package sizes and locations, however I am getting the same issue.

Hi @dstep,

I see two of them succeeded now, orders 100030572 and 100030574, and others which were cancelled through the API. The Paris orders you created in the past were also successfully ‘delivered’. We will continue to monitor the issue and should expect to see some vast improvement in the coming weeks as we have some specific bug fixes in line to be tackled with high priority.

In the meantime, we apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your feedback.

Hi Lauren. The issue still persists and even though some orders do succeed, many of them fail which makes it really tough to test.