Driver Assignment on Sandbox


We’re placing orders on Sandbox, but for some reason, no drivers are being assigned . This has been happening for the last one month.

Need a resolution, please.

Hello @supermeal,
From what I can see in our logs, I think you managed to create a successful job today. Do you confirm, and if so, is this message still relevant or did you also solved your issue?
If not, could you please send me by private message your email used by the account trying to create the jobs?
I also think that you created a scheduled job (sending the “pickup_at” parameter in the payload), which could mean that the job is created in the future, and therefore the driver isn’t assigned instantly. If you remove this “pickup_at” parameter, jobs will be assigned instantly.
Do not hesitate if you have any questions, or to provide me more details, so that I can give you a more specific answer!

Hi, Harold.
We did create a job yesterday, but the issue remains. We believe this may be due to an apparent limitation in Sandbox. In the live feature, the restaurant’s mobile number is shared with the rider through the system. However, in the test environment, this number cannot be generated and, thus, cannot be shared with the rider, which is resulting in a rider not being assigned.

Hello @Supermeal,

Thank you for your answer, I had a deeper look in our logs, and I think the issue is coming from the field “[0].phone”, where I see the value “00000” (not a valid phone number).
If you do not have a phone number, you can send an empty value, which will allow the job to be created if the address is precise enough.

A good practice is to use the Job Validation before trying to create the job, to see if it contains errors.

Let me know if it solves your issue or if you have any further questions.

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