Sandbox Issues?

Is there a problem with the sandbox environment at the moment? When I create a new job the driver never arrives at the pickup after being assigned, and I’m also not receiving and Driver update webhooks (job and delivery Webhooks still working). This was working fine earlier today. Thanks.

Hello @paull,

We are experiencing some intermittent problems with the driver bots in our Sandbox environment, which it looks like you’re experiencing in this case. Our development team are currently testing a fix to this issue so we do hope to see improvements soon.

In the meantime, I have tested some jobs in Sandbox using the same addresses you were using and was able to get a driver assigned and receive the relevant driver update webhooks. Could you try again creating a job in Sandbox to see if anything has changed?

Thanks Laura. Yes! It seems to be working again now.

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Hi Laura. Is there an issue with the driver bots again? I’m trying to test unhappy paths but the drivers keep getting stuck and I’m not receiving any Driver event webhooks.

Hello @paull,

Our fixes for the intermittent bot issues are not yet deployed so there may indeed be some issues in the meantime. Having said that, I see one of your orders with reference ‘8cdd8b#222’ expired, and I wanted to check the scenario you were testing? If it was the expired scenario then the results would be as expected.

Thanks Lauren. Good to know that the sandbox issues are intermittent. I’ll create some more jobs and see if I have more success. Job reference 8cdd8b#222 was for an expired scenario and worked as expected. I created another job afterwards (reference: ‘19ceaa#221’) to try and test the driver Re-assignment scenario, but this job got stuck from what I can tell.



Thank you for your patience @paull.
Yes, trying a couple of times will hopefully help. You can also try different addresses which we’ve sometimes seen have an impact.

We apologise for the inconvenience and will continue to work on resolving these issues.