Sandbox never assigning a driver

I have a problem today that the sandbox is never assigning a driver, even with the happy path assigned. Is anyone else with this problem? Sandbox was working fine on the 8th.

hello @Cat

Thank you for your message. I have internally reviewed the issue, and it should be resolved by this evening.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding.

Greetings – I noted the same issue since the 30th of April. It started with the package 100769980, my last attempt was today with the package 100771065.

Hi @romi,

There was an issue that has now been resolved. Please try creating a new package, and the courier should be assigned without any problems.

If you encounter any difficulties, feel free to reach out again and provide us with the id or client_reference.


Hey @Andres,

I now have new issues on my end; The delivery progression is very slow and deliveries are never ending.
For example, the delivery with the client_reference 6acf3ba3474b8e2dff756d2d661d7c0b (Happy path) is yet to be delivered and an abnormal amount of time elapsed between each steps.
The same phenomenon was observed with other paths like the “Package cancelled by Stuart” (client_rerefence 79fc9b904435b0d9d0bc6593f8fb0fef), or the “Return delivery” one (client_rerefence 900f6e353bb6d960e333be473a2e94f5).
Let me know if you need any additional details/data.

hello @romi

Thank you for your message.

Apologies for the inconvenience. We have resolved the issue in our Sandbox environment.

I recommend creating new packages, and assigning the courier should now proceed without any difficulty.

Feel free to reach out in case of any technical questions.

Best regards

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It seems that my issue is indeed resolved! Brilliant! Thanks for the update :smile: