Ongoing sandbox jobs stuck searching for courier

All of my sandbox job requests never make it past the “searching” job state. I currently have 5 outstanding jobs stuck in the “searching” state, the oldest of which has been in this state for about 3 hours.

Job IDs: 100226016, 100226021, 100226023, 100226025, 100226043

All jobs have the same from / to address. I’ve had no issues creating jobs in the sandbox to said addresses in days prior.

Perhaps this is related to the downtime window scheduled for 2022-02-14 (three days from now)?

Hello @mirek,

Thank you for raising this issue.
We don’t believe this issue should be related to the coming scheduled downtime, but we will raise the issue internally for further investigation.

We can confirm that driver assignments are behaving as expected in other zones, hence trying different addresses or even package sizes for your jobs might lead to successful assignment. Perhaps this could help to unblock your testing until we find a resolution.

Hi @Lauren, I’ve tried changing both the address and the package size, but all of my sandbox orders remain stuck in a “searching” job status until they expire. Each job consists of exactly one delivery. (Job ID / Delivery ID)s for you reference:

100229084 / 100274494 (original request, worked last week)
100229082 / 100274492 (change the address)
100229074 / 100274484 (changed the package size)

Any updates on what might be going on? In the interim, can you share a (from / to) address in the UK you believe should work so as to unblock us?


Hello @mirek,

Could you confirm that your Testing Scenarios in Sandbox is set to ‘Happy Path’? Just to double-check that the expiration isn’t because of the scenario configured in your account.

It seems that London addresses are assigning well, so you could try something like:
36 Sackville St, London W1S 3EQ, UK
Granville Pl, London W1H 6PA, United Kingdom

Hi Lauren,

I can confirm that we’re set to ‘Happy Path’. I was also able to successfully request a delivery with the London addresses you’ve proposed, so I’m no longer blocked, which is great.

(I will note that the underlying issue persists, which is that jobs in the Brighton area are no longer receiving driver assignments, where I’ve tried a number of different pickup / delivery addresses in the area. Let me know once you hear back on this front).

Until then, thanks!

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Hello Mirek,

Thank you for confirming, we have a ticket raised internally to investigate the Brighton issues and we will provide updates here once we have them.