Status blocked at searching in Sandbox

Is the stuart sandbox environment down ? Since 2 days, I’m trying to create
jobs but each time it stays at “status”:“searching” no matter the time of the day.

It worked perfect a week ago with the same code.
Should I verify my code or is these issues known by your service ?

(country : France)

Ilyès Y.

Hello @ATHOS,

Thank you for your report.

Indeed there is currently a known performance issue in our Sandbox environment which is quite sporadic with some orders getting ‘stuck’ as you describe. Given the sporadic nature of the issue, it’s likely that a job created in a different area or with a different transport type might have more success in being delivered by our driver bots.

We have a fix ready to be deployed which should resolve these issues with slow driver bots or stuck jobs, this will be deployed today at around 5pm.

With this in mind, could you let us know tomorrow if you see an improvement or whether you are still noticing issues?

I will let you know, thank you very much for your fast answer.

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The service works again !

Yet, I wanted to know if there’s a way to force the order even if we are out of
the working hours in the sandbox environment ?

for example : it’s 09:25 A.M. how can I validate a job without waiting until 11:30 A.M. ?


It’s great to hear you’re finding the service working again, thank you for sharing this :smiley:

Our Sandbox opening times should be a mimic of Production, however, some zones are open earlier than others on both environments. For example, Paris, Barcelona and London open at 7:00am so using these zones might mean you can test earlier in the morning.