Sandbox block at searching step

During these two days, i am trying to create a job on Sandbox, but Sandbow never catch a driver ?

All the job still expired

before the [post request - create a job]
i check if [psot request- validate job] return valid!
so the data it’s seems to be correct.

but today never catch a driver.

And i have no idea ?

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing these issues - I can see the jobs created under your account in Sandbox, we’ll investigate what’s happening with these and get back to you as soon as we can.


Today, same problem.

I am relaunching a delivery request test phase.
I check my sent items,

Feedback from :slight_smile:

  • request a job pricing = ok
  • validate Job parameters = ok

the job this create well, I find it in sandbox, in scheduled for
(a removal at 09:45, for example).
At 9:30 am the search starts correctly I have a weebhook and when I check my job it is in search. then it gets stuck at this point. and finally around 10:00 am it switches to ‘Expired’
No additional information, not even a webhook for the latest status

Many apologies for this - yes, we’re still investigating the problem.

Thank you for the detailed description as well - to confirm, I don’t believe there are any issues with the content of your job requests, but we’re figuring out why they aren’t getting processed as we would expect.

I tried to create ‘base’ jobs directly on the sandbox with the same results.

Good news - everything should be working as expected now. Please try your scenarios again and let me know if you’re receiving the relevant updates.

Thanks for your patience here

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Hi, We are also facing the same issue “Sandbox block at searching step” in sandbox environment. Could you please check my account (

Hi @munchado,

Thank you for posting and providing your account information. From what I can see, your jobs from yesterday where all delivered, there are some jobs in searching for today but these are scheduled for the future, 11:30am. I will keep an eye to see if these scheduled orders are assigned automatically closer to the time as we’d expect.