Testing on Sandbox

We have 2 queries:

  1. We are getting the following error as soon as we log in to Sandbox.

  2. We wish to test the scenario where a rider cancels an order AFTER accepting and reaching the pickup point. Currently, if this happens, the Stuart system does not provide any notification. We wish to introduce a system whereby our team could be notified of this cancellation and then request another rider manually. How can we test this scenario?


Hi Supermeal,

  1. Are you able to confirm this is still an issue as I don’t receive this error and can’t replicate the issue.
    Does this happen as soon as you log-in or is there an action made before the error message appears?

  2. This testing scenario is very much possible by changing the testing scenario from "happy path" to “package cancelled by Stuart”

2b) Stuart does provide automatic notifications in the form of web-hooks. We have multiple web-hook endpoints which can be used to receive updates on multiple fronts such as package creation, driver assignment, status of the packages, package cancellations and much more.

Please see our community forum post on How can I set up Webhooks? and also the web-hook section of our API documentation.

Hi @Supermeal,

Something I can notice in the address bar of your screenshot is that it looks as if your location services has not been turned on or accepted for https://dashboard.sandbox.stuart.com/.

This correlates with why the map isn’t showing on your dashboard and why you’re receiving an error, would it be possible to make this change and confirm if this resolve yours issue?

Hi Daniel,

The location is turned on for the QA/testing team. So, that does not seem to be an issue.

Hi @Supermeal.

Looking into our logs I can see an order was raised after this query was made yesterday via the dashboard, are you able to confirm the issue is ongoing?

As I am unable to replicate this issue, in order to further investigate, would you be able to please open your developer console in your browser and show the console output for us to understand the origin of the issue.

This can be sent to me directly via messages.

Many thanks,

Message sent. Please confirm if it was received.

Hi @Supermeal,

I can confirm this has been received thank you very much, I have also requested additional information.

Kind regards,