How can I set up Webhooks?

If you want to receive real-time updates for different events you must expose a web service and set the URL within the field Webhook V2 URL in your dashboard settings page to enable it.

Example: You can set your webhook URL to to start receiving webhooks and visualise them.

You will receive all the following webhooks without having the ability to subscribe to only receive some of them:

  • Job created event
  • Job updated event
  • Delivery created event
  • Delivery updated event
  • Driver location updated event
  • Driver online status event
  • Driver offline status event

If you are only interested by some events you can filter them by selecting only the webhook events you would like to receive to your URL using the tick boxes. Note, you can add more than one URL endpoint if you would like to filter webhook events by using different URL endpoints too (You are only able to have a maximum of 6 webhook URLs).

This can also be achieved on your side by using the event and type attributes. For example if you only need delivery updated events you can check the webhooks only if

  "event" == "delivery" AND "type"== "update"

and just ignore the other ones.

For information about webhooks, please refer to the documentation.

Best practice to receive webhook
If you are expecting relatively high volume of orders the best practice is to set up a queueing system to send us a response instantaneously and be able to treat the webhooks asynchronously.