Push notification on delivery picking

Hello, I need to implement a service that send a notification on the client phone when the delivery is in status “picking”.
I suppose I should use the Stuart web-hooks for this, right?
I use the stuart-php client (https://github.com/StuartApp/stuart-client-php) for all the other requests of my application (getting slots, job creation, etc…), but I can’t find anything related to web-hooks in the doc, is it possible to post and get web-hooks with the php client?
What is the whole process for creating and listening to web-hooks? (I’ve already created the endpoint on my dashboard)
Thanks in advance for the help!

Hello @ceci,

This is indeed what webhooks are designed for: sending you live updates on statuses.

You can read more about the concept here : Why should I use Webhooks instead of Polling?, and about the set up here: How can I set up Webhooks?.

To sum up, you will need to set up a web service that will receive post requests from our webhooks, and implement the logic and notifications triggering based on the content.

Please also authorise our IPs: From which IPs can Stuart send webhook events?.


Hi @Harold,
Thanks for your answer, but I saw on the Stuart dashboard that it’s possible to activate push notifications on specific status (cf screenshot), this is not enough to send push? I have to setup webhooks additionnaly?


Indeed, you could also use our sms notifications that you can set up in the dashboard, I thought you wanted to send your own!

Let me know if it answers your question!

Best regards,