Webhook integration with Shopify

Dear all,

I am having trouble integrating the Stuart application on my shopify store. I would like to integrate link Shopify and Stuart using webhooks, making all orders created go back to the Stuart dashboard. So that I only have to search for a courier for each of my orders.
Is this possible?

Thank you so much for you help,

Hello Remi,

A Shopify e-commerce site like any other CMS site can be integrated with the Stuart API, requiring development work which can be simplified using our client libraries. You can visit the post Starting my Integration.

All orders that you automatically create through the API, will automatically appear in the Dashboard. The webhooks are however used to keep track of the status of the orders. Once you create your Stuart account, you can set the webhooks using a specific URL. You can read more information here.


Hello Marta,

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I saw that there is a JS library. I would like to integrate it on Shopify.

I have alrealy linked index.js, package.json and package-lock.json.
Where could I add this code ?

Thank you so much,

Hello @RemiD ,

Do you mean where on your Shopify site you would add for example the create a job call? Unfortunately, we aren’t be able to advise too much from a coding architecture standpoint how developers should design their sites using Shopify. But we’re happy to help you with questions on when you should call the APIs we offer in your order flow if needed.