Starting my integration

We’re delighted that you’re interested in integrating our API.
Here are some pointers on getting started:

  • Please go and check our Developer Portal where you will find integration guides, best practices and access to our technical documentation. You’ll find how to set up your Stuart accounts and all the technical details of our API endpoints (also available in our official API documentation).

  • There you’ll also find a link to our Public Postman Collection to help you to play around with our API.

  • Read through our centralised Best Practices Guide to ensure you develop the best integration to suit your delivery flow.

  • Find help and answers to your questions here in our developer community forum, we have several categories to suit different needs including FAQ, Q&A, bug reporting, debugging & troubleshooting

  • Don’t forget to sign up for announcement notifications here in our developer community forum to keep up to date on latest news and updates. This will be particularly important for the maintenance of your integration.


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