Best Practices Guide

Are you looking to integrate Stuart services into your restaurant, ordering system, grocery stores, retail shops, or wherever else? …You’re in the right place!

Whilst you can find our full technical specifications in our API documentation, we’ve put together the following tips and informational resources to help guide you towards a top notch integration for your order flow.

  1. Read all about your account creation options in Account Creation Options

  2. Learn about OAuth and our authentication best practices

  3. Find our tips on order scheduling in Order Scheduling

  4. Help us send the best vehicle to fulfil your order, check out Package & Transport Type Mappings

  5. Find out how you can manage your customer’s expectations and more in Using the 'Request a Job ETA' endpoint

  6. Ensure address are valid for Stuart delivery early on in your order flow to prevent customer disappointment, read about our address validation endpoint in Validating Addresses

  7. Check for errors in your job creation payload using our validate job parameters endpoint, however, you should also create a delivery flow which reduces the chance of common errors occurring for your orders. Check out Avoiding common job creation errors for more info

  8. Can’t get a success response for your request? Here are our Retry mechanisms

  9. Check out your numerous tracking options in Order tracking Best Practice

  10. Learn how to find out about Stuart platform incidents & outages