Incidents & Outages

Our teams work hard to mitigate the risk of incidents and outages on our platform, nevertheless the unexpected can happen and it’s important to be prepared.

How can I be informed of planned maintenance that could potentially impact me?

Stuart tech teams may schedule updates, migrations, or other maintenance tasks which may lead to downtime on our platform. We will always schedule these outside of our operating hours to avoid client impact, however in the case that you notice some unexpected behaviour such as server errors during such a time, it can help to be aware of the cause.

Be sure that your relevant teams are subscribed to our Community forum Announcements to be sure that you receive our advance warning and can prepare or monitor accordingly.

How can I report an incident, outage or bug?

:bug: To report a bug please create a topic in our Bug reporting category.

:rotating_light:To report an urgent incident or suspected outage, you can contact our support teams or let us know at, this will automatically alert our on duty technical teams.

How can I be informed of ongoing platform outages?

In the case of a platform outage our Support teams will send out updates by email to the email address used to set up your account. These updates generally will inform you that an outage is happening and when it is resolved, if the issue isn’t resolved promptly you can expect some further updates on the progress of the fix.

If you’d like outage updates to come to some other email addresses than the one used to set up your account, let our support team know: