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I have a question about push notifications. When I create a new Job from API I pass the client phone and email and I ask my self if Stuart could manage any psuh notification to my clients (email or phone) with the status of delivery?

Thank in advanced

Hello @Jabit,

Yes you can absolutely set up notifications to the clients email and/or phone, this can be set up in your Production account by your account manager. If you are not in contact with anyone from our sales or account management team you may find help via the following email addresses depending on the country:

UK: am.uk@stuart.com
FR: sales.paris@stuart.com
SP: sales.barcelona@stuart.com

Hi @Lauren,

Copy that. Thank you again!

Hi @Lauren,

my client want to know if is possible get a notification to the phone or email from restaurant (pickup) when Stuart system get the job from my integration. Is that possible?

Thank you

Hello @Jabit,

Email notifications:
We can send an email notification to a specified email address with the tracking link.

SMS notifications:
We can send an SMS notification to either pickup or dropoff contact phone number for the following events:

  • Job scheduled
  • Job accepted
  • Near picking
  • Picked up
  • Near dropoff
  • Job finished
  • Delivered

We can customise the message sent to include values such as:

For the job scheduled event:

  • Pickup scheduled time
  • Dropoff scheduled time
  • Tracking link
  • Client reference

For the other events:

  • Dropoff ETA
  • Pickup ETA
  • Courier name
  • Tracking link
  • Client reference
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