Difficulty contacting Stuart to understand delivery coverage

First i’m sorry because I’m writing on a technical forum. To be honest i didn’t have the choice…We integrated stuart and everything went well for the technical integration… the delivery is working fine with our clients.
The problem we can’t reach the customer service in France. I had one call 2 months ago . The commercial said when we start with a new restaurant we have to send an email to verify the delivery zones area … i did and i never get any answers… i tried to reach him severals times . No answer !! What is the value of the integration and the money we spent to help our clients ( restaurants and bars) If we can’t verify first if stuart deliver in specific areas ? What is the value if we send emails to stuart with no answers ! !!! Why you open your apis !? Your technical team is doing a good effort but your commercial team In France is not helping us. We need your help. If you can give us a contact number.
Thank you in advance

Hello @avi,

We are very sorry to hear about these difficulties you’ve faced and would be happy to help get you back in touch with someone that can help you on the commercial side.

On the technical side, we could advise on how to know what areas Stuart deliver to by API if this helps? You can make use of our get zone coverage endpoint, or confirm the pickup and delivery addresses are valid for delivery through our validate address endpoint.
Further tips on validating Stuart zone coverage can also be found in this post about avoiding common job creation errors.

If you still require some additional information from our commercial teams we can help put you in contact by email, let us know if this is the case.


Hello Lauren thank you very much for the fast response. I appreciate your help.
Yeah please i need to talk with the commercial in France but not master A…d C…d he never answers our mails and our calls.

Thanks @avi,

We have discussed with another of our commercial team members and he will reach out to you as soon as possible by email.

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Thank you. He sent me an email. I appreciate your effort :pray:

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