On board a courier for a city?

We are looking at using Stuart API and on the same time ensure that couriers are available to perform the delivery in that city.
The city is currently not part of STUART delivery coverage though we’ve customers (meaning restaurants) that want the delivery service and we I’ve identified Couriers that are ready to perform the delivery for these restaurants.
These Couriers will need to register to STUART portal to become an authorised officiel Courier by submitting all required paperwork and IDs.

Any recommendations on how we should proceed ? I don’t want that we start the STUART API integration work and thereafter not being able to offer the service to restaurants because no Courier services is available at the other end.

In advance thank you very much for your answer.


Hello @Vincent,

You can visit the “Get in touch” (Nous contacter) section on our website.
There, you will be directly connected with members of our commercial team.

Thanks :grin:

OK I shall do so.
Thank you very much

Alternatively, is there a way to see if Delivery Coverage is ensured by Stuart today ?

HI @Vincent,

Yes indeed, you can call our Get zone coverage endpoint by specifying the zone and the task (pickup or dropoff) in the request.
This endpoint will return the zone coverage in the GeoJSON format.

Also, for each address, you can call our address validation endpoint to check if the address falls within our zone coverage.