Map of your delivery services coverage

Hello Stuart,

How can I know your delivery zones? Do you have a map in each city where I’m planning to integrate your delivery services?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Fabien,

You can use our Get zone coverage endpoint which will return you the GeoJSON of our coverage zone for any city we are operating in.
More information about GeoJSON can be found here.

Useful tips: you can copy/paste the GeoJSON we returned you into the website to have a visual map of our picking or delivering zones coverage for every city.

Hi Paul,

I just used your zone coverage endpoint and seems to work well for what I want. I did not notice, at first, that you have two types (picking and delivering) of map but now it’s ok :slight_smile:

Hi Fabien,

By default the Get zone coverage endpoint will give you the Stuart’s picking zone coverage for {city}. If you add the type parameter to delivering you will get the delivering zone coverage instead.

Example of how it works:
GET /v2/areas/paris or GET /v2/areas/paris?type=picking
Will return you the picking zone coverage for Paris

GET /v2/areas/paris?type=delivering
Will return you the delivering zone coverage for Paris

Happy to hear that everything is ok though.