How does zone coverage works?


How does zone coverage API work? For example, I have a business located in London. How do you find out if I’m in your coverage area? Do you take my coordinates?

Also, which customer can or cannot order from my business? For example, I have seen many applications showing we don’t operate in your requested delivery area.

How do you find if you can or can not deliver to the customer?


Our get zone coverage API endpoint works by returning our zone coordinates in a JSON response, which can then be viewed and visualised by copying & pasting the entire response body into a geoJSON mapper such as

You would need to specify the zone (area) you would like to the coordinates for & also if it is for Picking (Pickup zone) or Delivering (Drop-off zone)

Our Stuart API documentation provides a list of zones you can use

After copying and pasting the entire returned payload

I hope this helps clarify our “get zone coverage” endpoint but please do feel free to ask for more assistance if required.