List of all zones

In zone coverage API there’s a zone value required which is zone code. Where am I supposed to get a list of all the supported zones?

Hi @bbilal,

Thank you for your query.

This can be found in our Stuart API documentation under then “Open Zones” sub-section.
Here you can found a list of zones per country.

Please note, this is an operational topic & you may find some of your questions already answered in our help centre found on the Stuart main page.

For example, this a breakdown of our zones which is displayed depending on your locale - Where Stuart operates | Stuart Help Centre

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Thanks for your reply.

I tried to use a zone code to pull up its details but unfortunately, it only returns Paris details. How to resolve this?

Hi @bbilal,

In the URL “zone” is contained in two curly bracket {} meaning it is looking for an environment variable.
If not set by default the endpoint will use Paris as the zone.

As shown above, I have added a new variable called zone with a value of London and below is the response I received.

I hope this helps.

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