Embedded Tracking Link

In order to provide full tracking visibility to the restaurant/retailers or to the end-customer, we highly recommend adding the tracking link embedded in your Point Of Sales (for the restaurants/retailers) and in your e-commerce website / app (for giving visibility to the end-customers).

The Tracking Link is a map that shows where the pickup location is, the drop-off location and the courier moving.

There are two formats of map:

The full Tracking Link

We additionally add the ETA’s, the anonymous phone number of the courier, the statuses and the Stuart logo.

The Simplified Tracking Link

We hide all additional information including the Stuart branding, and we only keep the pickup and dropoff locations and the courier moving.

In order to this simplified, whitelabel tracking link option, please contact cse@stuart.com or your Account Manager.

You can retrieve the Tracking Link from:

  1. The job update webhooks in the “trackingUrl” string.

  2. The job response body when creating a job in the “trackingUrl” string.

You can check here a guide how to embed the tracking link in an iFrame.

Check here other tracking best practices!

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